Tony Quinn – Manj Weerasekera

An important announcement. See Dialogue Ireland for more information.

Watch out for the great pretender!

Tony Quinn has a successor in waiting “Doctor Love” Manj Weerasekera of Lotus Life coaching.

Manj Weerasekera (front-left) & Tony Quinn (right)
Manj Weerasekera pictured with "Dr" Tony Quinn some time since 2017

How do we know this? Having been involved in the “Educo Gym” Manj has now progressed to promoter and manager of the Educo life courses.

Having seen at first hand Manj Weerasekera’s love of Tony Quinn at the Monaco seminar, where everyone at the course became “bright shining lights” and disciples of Quinn. Where they were, all encouraged and fawned over by Weerasekera.

Then he is certainly a contender for the Tony Quinn empire.

He promotes a book on how to get back into the dating game after divorce and life coaches company executives, all these people are at a vulnerable place at one time or another but not once does he mention on his web sites or literature that he is a promoter of the Educo course.

Why would he! this is another revenue stream a handsome commission based referral business in other words a pyramid selling opportunity.

A first-class predator he first coaches the person and when they are in the right frame of mind Bingo they are invited on this truly life changing course. No information is given out until the moment the payment is made to an off-shore tax heaven and on condition Mr Weerasekera is mentioned as the promoter to receive his commission.

The course, this full on heavy monologue by the messier Tony Quinn from dawn till dusk, which is fully covered by Dialogue Ireland and lecture by Dr Sean Collins.

Manj Weerasekera pictured with "Dr" Tony Quinn on 12th May 2003, also featuring fellow EDUCO member Taz Shah of Northampton whose husband (Babu Shah) was recruiting for EDUCO in the offices of Enterprise Oil.
Manj Weerasekera pictured with "Dr" Tony Quinn on 12th May 2003, also featuring fellow EDUCO member Taz Shah of Northampton whose husband (Babu Shah) was recruiting for EDUCO in the offices of Enterprise Oil.

Having returned from this wonderful course the placebo effect must be kept up and therefore weekly meetings are scheduled and you are encouraged to attend where Mr Weerasekera can endorse the Quinn doctrine so much so that after four or five weeks the question of “how can we introduce/sell” this to our friends and family start to arise and the circle is complete the pyramid is starting to grow.

How do I know this! My wife was one of his disciples he had high hopes of her becoming a main promoter in the company she worked for. What he was unaware of was the love and tenacity of her husband to research all the negative side to this and presenter her the whole picture not just the happy slappy Manj Weerasekera picture.

No one knows how or why he got involved with the company, it’s just been accepted as people have joined the company assuming it was okay and so no due diligence has been carried out.

He has had full access to go where ever he wants in the building and as even turned up at store presentation events held at conference centres, nobody knowing who agreed it.

My wife started to see him as an employee had left and some sessions became available.

I have never felt comfortable about him from the start, based on how he talked to my wife and what he said. He didn’t seem to do her any good other than boost her opinion of him.

At a time of major stress, I believe he increased her feeling of doubt about herself and as such took advantage and invited her to a course away from the company and paid by herself.

I immediately was against it but this was based on my personnel feelings and the fact I didn’t like what I was hearing. There was hardly any information given out until she had committed and paid. She did this because she trusted the coach for some reason she believed in him totally.

(I can only surmise that he dabbled in suggestive techniques like Tony Quinn)

Whilst she was on the 2 week course I investigated all I could and found an article called “a partner’s story

From what I read worried me greatly so when she phoned me and was “bouncing of the walls” about it, I asked why it was so good and she couldn’t tell me all she could say was you must go on it.

(this is a major point, no one can say why only that is great?)

Alarms were ringing now, if not before.

With the help of Mike Garde and John Butler I prepared for her return because any negativity towards Quinn to people who have been seduced by him can only make things worse.

To cut a long story short we had a two-week holiday coming up so I kept her away from the group for about 3 weeks and was able, with John to show her the real Tony Quinn.

The down side was that we were unable to tell the company as this may have been construed as being a whistle blower and caused more problems.

She avoided all dialogue with the coach on her return as any dialogue may have allowed him to use trigger words which we believe are used in the weekly/monthly meetings strengthening what was done at the seminar.

Since then he has tried four or five times to open dialogue with her and is now it seems keeping a low profile.

Through a friend my wife has found a new, very reputable and experienced coach which has allowed her to bring the subject up with the company, they are now realising no one likes him and questioning why he is there and that due diligence may not have been carried out which I believe has caused neglect in the duty of care to employees.

From all the info on the web not once does he mention his tie up with Tony Quinn but at the seminar he was fawning all over him. He and his wife also made my wife feel very special and that I believe was because they saw her as a “disciple” for their cause.

For a while we were privy to emails within the group and we could see them getting more involved to a point of “how can we sell” this to our friends which must have money to his ears.

Manj Weerasekera (left) & Tony Quinn (right)
Manj Weerasekera pictured with "Dr" Tony Quinn on the 5th of May 2003